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#8 Billy Meakes - Doing it all in reverse, a different way of getting to the top in rugby.

We talk all things rugby how he did it in reverse, how he got to the place he is now, taking opportunity's that come your way. Start up businesses, fashion, food, living the dream, and the difference between playing rugby when your young compared to when your older. Mindset and meditation one thing we can say is start it when your young, get ahead of the rest.



#7 David Birtwistle - Too Hot Too Handle

Fitness and health professional, David is huge about mental health which is a big part of his programming he does online through endeavour life.

Hes a wonderful guy with a huge heart and passion for helping people become better versions of themselves, we talk deep into personality traits, getting started with mental health, university is it for you? find your way in life, and most recently, how his time was on the number 1 trending show Too Hot Too Handle!





#6 Ben Seymour - Don’t let anyone say you can’t do something.

Professional rugby player turn ultra distance runner, 250 km through the desert, 80 km across bali, New Zealand Coast to Coast 240 km. Deadlift 250 kg and run a marathon in the same day?


We go into how he eats and trains for these events, whats going through his head mid race, and what mind set it takes to achieve these crazy feats.





#5 - Ollie Marchon - England Sevens To Professional Coach.

From having the world in his palms, to injury set backs and how he climbed back to the top of his sport to represent his country. Learning when to pull the pin and find a new passion. Now a gym owner, Husband, Father, Professional Coach. This man has a big heart on him, hes always looking to improve himself and everyone around him.

Ollie Marchon.



#4 Sonny Webster - Rio Olympics to biggest online academy in the world.

From competing at the Olympics to having the biggest online academy in the world. Sonny talks about his journey into weightlifting and how he has become one of the most successful coaches to date.



#3 Jake Campus - Being The Best Was The Only Option.

Hardest worker in the room. How we both became the strongest 20 year old's in the country, and broke away from the everyday normality, from very humble beginnings and the rise to the top in business and sport.



#2 Dave Driskell - Wanderlust, Best Gym In The World, Business Mindset, Making Millions, Change In Direction.

Is wanderlust the best gym in the world? Transition from training all day to business man. Making money from all areas, Has the state of functional fitness change for good



#1 Khan Porter - Mental Health, Crossfit Games, Beers, Corona Virus.

 Past and present Khan, what does functional fitness/ CrossFit look like now. Mental health should you be more proactive, Whats the best beer on the market today. Stop looking for validation from others daily. Is social media ruining you.

Hope you guys Enjoy the first installment to the Whats The Time Mr Wolf Podcast.